Romeo Akbar Walter’ Film review: of spark at a spy thriller A Few Minutes

John Abraham goes undercover at Pakistan in Robbie Grewal’s spy thriller.

Considering that the spy thriller unfolds, the cancer sticks while theirs is lost by brokers, play their part. Notes are tucked into paper cylinders and lighters’ backs up as messages. Smoking kills but conserves.

The twists in Romeo Akbar Walter do not get the work done, and the narrative is extended to 144 minutes. The film rises above the level of the television series CID. And Robbie Grewal expands and takes his job effort on cliches and the conventions of the spy movie it’s almost very likely to leave the cinemas.

John Abraham, a celebrity that was limited, character chooser and a screen presence which has been astute, is thrown. Romeo is discharged After a crash course from spycraft to ferret out information that shows vital Through the boundary with an identity.

Looks and coded messages are traded, frequently Since Romeo rechristened Akbar, goes on finding the secrets of Pakistan. Khuda Baksh turns out to be the one asking the questions in Romeo Akbar Walter, which claims to demonstrate the nuances of the game of deception but is based on comforts and contrivances.

Can Akbar experience, given that he is functioning in a country? This should be among the redundant questions in Romeo Akbar Walter it’s not — a sequence is set to the call to prayer.

Delivers his premise using a solemnity befitting.

Suchitra Krishnamoorthi pops as an author, but she is among the movie’s elements. Since it follows its own inscrutable hero Romeo Akbar Walter functions.

John Abraham’s opacity makes him a great game for the own spy that loves his mother and his land (there’s a line to this result from the movie ). Sikandar Kher, which makes for a villain, and Jackie Shroff, whose rumble seems to emerge at the bottom of a barrel of whiskey backs abraham up.

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