SC Deals Blow to Keep Conviction to Hardik Patel’s Poll Debut Ambition

The Patidar quota agitation leader had begun preparations later joining the celebration on March 12 to competition, but his plans have been laid waste with a Gujarat HC order where he’d appeal from the Supreme Court.

New Delhi: “In case you can not help us, we can’t assist you,” that the Supreme Court informed Patidar boss Hardik Patel on Tuesday while praying to give him a barbarous hearing to keep his certainty.

Patel has been sentenced to 2 years in prison with a Gujarat sessions courtroom and was detained in a case of rioting. His conviction didn’t remain while his prison term was set in abeyance.

After linking Congress on March 12 stayed since his nomination paper cannot be filed by him with no stay on his certainty.

Under the Representation of the People Act, there is a candidate from working to get a public office when he stands convicted in a situation handicapped.

Gujarat High Court had refused to remain the conviction of Patel, compelling the Supreme Court to proceed to.

His appeal also filed saying he won’t have the ability to compete if his conviction doesn’t stay and would endure a loss. Navjot Singh Sidhu’s situation was mentioned by Patel wherein the court had remained the cricketer-turned-politician’s certainty.

The matter was said by his attorneys on Tuesday in front of a seat. However, the seat was unimpressed with his plea in light of the fact that Patel had allowed his arrangement of certainty to become closing.

What you do since August? Why was it not challenged by you? And you need a more urgent hearing and wake up. If you can not help us, we can’t assist you,” the seat told his attorneys.

Solicitor General Tushar Mehta resisted the plea of Patel, stating no hearing is justified while the Patidar chief slept within the previous order for many months.

Despite repeated requests from his attorney, the court stated in permitting hearing it finds no merit.

Notably, the date of submitting a nomination is April 4. If have his certainty remained Patel doesn’t figure out how to find a hearing, he won’t be in a position to resist the Lok Sabha election. This would come as a setback for Congress, that has pinned its hope on the youth chief.


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